Portable Baptistry For Sale

If you are wanting to purchase a portable baptistry then check our main site at ChurchOutlet.com. You will find a lot of useful information on portable baptismals as well as built-in baptismals. If you want to speak with one of our experienced sales team call us at 800.736.3113.

Used Portable Baptistries

We quite often receive calls asking if we have any used portable baptistries. Unfortunately this is not an item that we offer. In most cases the churches we sell our portables to like them so much they don't want to get rid of them and just keep them.

Why Purchase a Portable Baptistry

The portable baptistry is a great option for the church plant, a church in transition, or the church that just doesn't have the room for a built-in baptistry. If you need information please contact us at info@churchoutlet.com or call us at 800.736.3113.